Welcome to the Birdhouse! The Home of Early Bird Studios

We've been years in the making. Nearly seven years to be exact.

That's when we filmed our first commercial in the basement of the UC Santa Barbara Arts department. The client was a then-unknown company by the name of Phone Halo (now the very well-known TrackR, Inc.) and there was no pay. And that was okay - we were in it for the love of creating content and to help our friends and fellow students with their entrepreneurial venture.

It was also in that workshop that our friend and fellow student Jeremy Canterbury conceived the idea for a low-cost, yet highly durable, camera dolly system. After crafting and perfecting the prototype, we ventured together into the very deep and overwhelming world of crowdfunding. 

And yet, after the campaign, we had helped this entrepreneur raise over $70,000 in pre-sales and he would go on to establish Revolve Camera - one of the premier manufacturers of camera accessories.

Fast-forward six years, and our clientele have gone on to raise millions of dollars while garnering millions of views thanks to the education, engagement, and entertainment our content provides. 

If you're an entrepreneur, start-up, or established business, we're here to help. Simply send us a few key details and we'll be in touch to get your video and photo content to where they need to be.

- Greg Frank, Founder of Early Bird Studios