Early Bird Studios Reviews

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John Devecka Co-Founder, Singtrix - Raised $256,030

Co-Creator of Guitar Hero; Inventor of MTV Drumscape; Shark Tank Alum

"The Early Bird team rocks! Working with Greg, Joel, John and Roddy was a true pleasure. They’re always positive, thoughtful, strategic, detail oriented, and extremely knowledgeable. Greg is a fact machine wizard about everything crowdfunding. Never had a question they were the best team for us. 


Sam Chesluk Co-Founder, GoChair - Raised $1,561,704

"I’m so glad that we elected to work with Early Bird Studios.  Greg and his team are pros - they understand the crowdfunding space and did a fantastic job understanding our goals and also incorporating their tremendous knowledge to result in a memorable, impactful, beautiful set of video assets to support our efforts introducing our product to the world.  We recommend Early Bird Studios without reservation - if you are looking for these type of services, quit deliberating and go with Early Bird - you won’t regret it."

"We’ve been collaborating with the incredible team at Early Bird Studios for years and they’ve been our premier content partners all along the way. Their video work on our successful crowdfund campaigns has been instrumental in converting viewers into backers of our TrackR brand."  -- Chris Herbert, CEO of TrackR

Chris Herbert Co-Founder of TrackR & CEO Shine Bathroom - Raised $2,305,195

"We’ve been collaborating with the incredible team at Early Bird Studios for years and they’ve been our premier content partners all along the way. Their video work on our successful crowdfund campaigns has been instrumental in converting viewers into backers of our TrackR brand."


Ella Roche CEO, Honni Global - Marketing Partner

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Greg and his team. They truly went above and beyond to meet our very specific requirements. Their knowledge and understanding of how crowdfunding campaigns operate was one of the reasons why we chose them and was very useful in the process. I would not hesitate to recommend EBS and we will certainly work with them again in the future." 


Troy Sheets Co-Founder, Playtime Engineering - Raised $236,949

"The Early Bird team utilizes a proven workflow to methodically step through the stages of producing a crowdfunding video. This keeps the entire team synchronized to quickly move from concept to final cut. Besides providing top-notch video production services, Early Bird helped us focus our marketing strategy for a successful crowdfunding campaign."


Kate Sheets Co-Founder, Playtime Engineering - Raised $236,949

"Greg and his team took the guesswork out of developing a crowdfund video and trailer by implementing a proven workflow system early in the process. That left time for creative input and a greater collaboration between our team and Early Bird. The end result is a video that is appropriate for the crowdfunding platform while also representing the uniqueness of our product and supporters. Our video shoot had some complexities with a tight shooting schedule, multiple locations and child actors. Early Bird made what could have been a very stressful process easy and fun. And our final product is the proof that their process works!”


Charles Huang CEO, Trinnacle Enterprises - Brand Content

"I strongly recommend Greg and his team at Early Bird Studios as a one-stop shop for crowdfunding marketing support. With an idea and a few prototypes in hand, Greg and his team helped to provide guidance and create all the necessary marketing material that we needed to make our project a success. What impressed me the most from the Early Bird Studios team was their dedication creating the best video and marketing material possible, attention to detail, and depth of experience. I will definitely contact Early Bird Studios again for future projects." 


Johannes Sauer CEO, Yaasa Studios - Raised $131,641

"EBS was our choice right from the start. We felt in such good hands the moment we connected with Greg, and received the depth of experience and education we needed coming into crowdfunding for the first time. This whole experience has been an amazing collaborative journey, and we were so excited to see our product vision come to life thanks to the team at EBS."


Mari Yang International Operations Manager, Runtopia - Raised $44,257

"Early Bird Studios took our product to the next level with amazing visualization. From brainstorming to storyboarding to delivering the final product, Greg was always one step ahead, responsive to feedback and had a great eye for detail. With the expertise of EBS, our story was taken from paper and made into something spectacular."


Josh Schoenbart Co-Founder at Synergy Aesthetics, Former CCO of PogoTec - Equity Raise

"Early Bird Studios exceeded our expectations and I’m pleased to recommend EBS to anyone who needs crowdfunding video or content services. From strategy, scripting, story boarding, setup and overall execution, Greg and team were wonderful to work with. We have received numerous accolades on the work produced by EBS and look forward to maintaining a long term partnership for our future content needs.”


Nicholas Gonzales CEO, Estas Manos Coffee - Brand Content

"Working with Early Bird Studios has been one of the best experiences of launching our coffee roastery. Greg and the EBS team went above and beyond every step of the way and delivered a final product that is beyond anything we could have envisioned. Talented, professional and overall great group to work with. I hope to find any reason to work with Early Birds Studios again soon."

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Lindsey Whitaker Founder, Syiron - Brand Content

"I'm so happy I got to work with Early Bird Studios! When I was looking for a production company, the quality of their portfolio stood head an shoulders above the rest. They completely exceeded my expectations and did an incredible job on my Kickstarter video, everything from script to production was perfect. On top of that Greg was an incredible resource for crowd-sourcing and marketing insights."

Lee Knaggsi Managing Director, Wattlo - Brand Content

"Working with Greg and the Early Bird Studios Team was a fantastic experience. Greg was invaluable and very knowledgeable producing an exceptional campaign video. We look forward to our next project together."


Qeric Koten Founder & CEO, QuadraClicks - Brand Content

"The EBS team excelled beyond my expectations, and mine was never an easy feat. The hard work, dedication, and workmanship is a pillar of hope for great minds and for those seeking to make good things for humanity."


Christina Pou Founder & CEO, Brushean - $48,733 Raised

"My decision to collaborate with Early Birds Studio was one of the best choices I've made. From the beginning, Greg & the team had shown their in-depth knowledge about the crowdfunding industry and he has been very kind and helpful in providing us with insightful tips and suggestions for our campaign. The team at EBS are not only talented but also very professional. This whole collaboration had been an awesome experience, and I would not choose another team to work with other than Early Birds Studios.”


Jeremy Canterbury Founder & CEO, Revolve Camera - $71,664 Raised

"Early Bird Studios was vital to the success of our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. From strategy through execution, their team’s expertise in cinematic production helped us tell our story. Our vision would not have come to life without the team at Early Bird Studios."