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From script to delivery, we take care of all your media needs as a content package or a single service.

Pricing: no two videos or sets of photos are the same so no two budgets are the same.

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Designed to engage, educate, and entertain, our crowdfunding pitch videos convert viewers into backers by focusing on authenticity, product capabilities, and the void your invention will fill in their lives. Scripted for an optimal 120 - 180 second duration, our video will give your campaign the maximum potential for fundraising. See the pitches that have started brands and raised millions.


SOCIAL ADS 6 - 60 sec

The most important asset before and after your launch, our social ads are designed to capture your target audience’s attention and drive engagement. From 6 second bumpers for Google and YouTube to mobile Instagram ads and desktop Facebook ads, we’ll deliver effective media stylized to the trends and patterns in your relevant industry. Featured on Futurism, CNET, TechCrunch, Business Insider, CNBC, Popsugar and more, our media will get you double opt-in email sign-ups while organically growing social media audiences. Feel free to watch our social ads that have converted hundreds of millions of views into loyal customers.



The mobile era is here - forever - and with it, the coming of vertical dominance. Facebook and Instagram will prioritize the performance of vertical ads going forward, especially for targeting Gen Z consumers. That’s why we always provide a 15 second vertical ad in every video content package we deliver. From organic content on your Snapchat Story to paid mobile on YouTube, the distribution channels are growing daily. We shoot in native vertical to give you the best mobile content in your industry.



When you’ve succeeded in evolving from a pre-seed start-up to a branded business, your content needs to escalate with your story. Whether your team needs an a la carte lifestyle showpiece or a consistent flow of high conversion content on retainer, we’re here to collaborate with your brand stakeholders to increase reach, maximize conversions, and reach scale. For example, we worked step-in-step with TrackR for 7 years to help scale $10K in startup funding to a $150M valuation. And we partnered with Yaasa Studios to successfully rebrand their former entity, Suissly, while expanding product lines and growing their customer base. See some of the ROI-friendly brand stories we bring to life.



They key to great page design and advertisements are lifestyle photos. You need a high number of top quality shots capturing all the possible use-cases in the correct locations and with the right talent and props to bring your product to life. From couples biking on the beach to a commuter loving his journey thanks to new technology, our lifestyle photos are designed to stop your audience from scrolling any further and to click right then and there. Check out our lifestyle photos in action.



From perks on Indiegogo to layflats for Amazon, detailed stills of your product in all colors, sizes, and angles are essential to showing your customers what they'll be getting in the box. We’ll research what type of content converts best and we’ll model your product in stunning lighting to bring it to life and pop off the background. Our industry-leading product photography comes in every style and angle.

300x250 ram gif.gif


Combining the quality of still photography with the timing of video frames, GIFs are an increasingly popular tool to quickly illustrate use-cases, highlight product features, and convey complex explanations in a simple and digestible format. Thanks to their relatively small file size, GIFs perfectly integrate with Mailchimp email campaigns and Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaign page design. Simultaneously effective as social feed content, GIFs can be made from videos (smoother motion, higher file sizes) or from still photos (stop-motion, smaller file sizes). Used in tandem, our GIFs can be a powerful marketing tool at a minimal cost. Here are samples of our recently added video-GIFs and photo-GIFs.



Already have your video but not happy with the result? Send us your raw footage and we'll repackage your content into the optimal crowdfunding style, resulting in a higher potential for your launch. Through cost-effective postproduction elements like new music, a new voiceover, and a new edit, we can take an ineffective or boring video and give it the energy and allure intrinsic to memorable content.



If you're in tech, then your content needs cutting-edge elements. The head of our VFX team - formerly of Hulu and Netflix - can make any video extra epic by adding dynamic 2D, 3D, and rendered animations.



Looking for walkthrough guidance on launching your campaign or creating your content? We'll connect you with one of our expert strategists who will schedule calls via Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat.