We've Perfected the Science Behind the Art

It can take over 100 steps to create a single video. So we've made things easy.

STAGE 1: The Vision

We perform extensive research on your market before presenting you with a content proposal for how we can achieve your goals. After finalizing a budget and signing our agreement, we'll combine our vision with your tech specs and our best practices to get every asset done right over the next 4 to 8 weeks.


Based on our mutual vision, we'll spend the next two weeks finalizing the script, approving a storyboard, casting for talent, and scouting our locations. Once we lock everything in for a specific day or two, we'll get everyone coordinated with props, wardrobe, transportation, and food for a great Stage 3.

STAGE 3: Production

Typically lasting 2 to 4 days, our cast and crew will work from dawn until dusk to capture all the shots we outlined in Stage 2 and build a robust archive of photography for you to use in the years ahead. Our productions are fully insured and talent-licensed with a priority on safety and efficiency. Now it's time for the edit bay.


The longest Stage of our process, Post-Production takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to fully execute. Beginning with a Producer's Cut (#1), we'll get your team's feedback - and that of any significant stakeholders - before delivering the Client's Cut (#2). Finally, we'll color-correct, master audio, and export the assets for delivery.


Now that we've completed and delivered your videos and photos, we'd love to continue our collaboration. There's no shortage of content opportunities for crowdfunding, ecommerce, press, social media, conventions, publicity events and print advertising. Whether it's another single project or a monthly retainer, Early Bird Studios will continue to elevate your marketing assets year after year.