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Designed to engage, educate, and entertain backers, our crowdfunding pitch videos convert viewers into backers by focusing on authenticity, product capabilities, and the void your invention will fill in the lives of your customers. Scripted for an optimal 90 - 150 second duration, our video will give your campaign the maximum potential for fundraising.



The most important asset before you launch, our prelaunch videos are designed to help you stand out on social feeds and video platforms. The roughly 30 second video will be stylized according to the biggest video blogs in your industry (e.g. Futurism, Business Insider, Popsugar) with the goal of securing email sign-ups and growing social media audiences.

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RVCA, Nekter Juice, TrackR, American Heart Association, Smart & Final and many more organizations have hired our production team and sister-company Change for Balance to create some of the most global, viral branded content around. Running a few seconds to several minutes, our brand videos have racked up over 150,000,000 views across 8 years.

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They key to great page design and advertisements are lifestyle photos. You need a high number of top quality shots capturing all the possible use-cases in the correct locations and with the right talent and props to bring your product to life.

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From rewards to packaging, detailed stills of your product in all colors, all sizes, and from all angles is essential to showing your customers what they'll be getting in the box. We take extra care to get you all the coverage you'll need for the launch ahead.

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The more transparent your campaign is, the more trustworthy your message becomes. Show off the members of the team with consistent, professional headshots and let backers see behind-the-scenes of your product for max potential.



Already have your video but not happy with the result? Send us your raw footage and we'll repackage your content into the optimal crowdfunding style. New music, new voiceover, call-outs, and (potentially) new footage, will result in a higher potential for your launch. 



If you're in tech, design, or any other cutting-edge industry, then your content needs cutting-edge elements. The head of our VFX team - formerly of Hulu and Netflix - can add dynamic 2D, 3D, and rendered animations to any video to make it elite. 



Looking for walkthrough guidance on launching your campaign or creating your content? We'll connect you with one of our expert strategists, marketers, or producers who will schedule calls via Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat.