Seven Years of Campaigns Started with One


The story behind the EARLY BIRDS

The Early Bird Studios team has been working together since the Spring of 2010. 

While filming a corporate video on behalf of friends (and future co-founders of TrackR Inc.), our initial crew realized that our ability to capture a full-range of dynamic, cinema-style shots for start-up level clients was hindered by our limited budgets. 

Lifelong entrepreneur, and friend of the crew, Jeremy Canterbury took action and designed a brilliant solution in the form of the Revolve Camera Dolly. With the prototype in hand, Early Bird Studios Founder Greg Frank worked with Jeremy to craft a compelling Kickstarter video that debuted in the spring of 2012 while helping raise over $70,000 in 46 days. Created with a budget of just a few hundred dollars, it was this incredible experience that made Greg realize he could help others reach their lifelong goals by creating content to disrupt

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 7.22.09 PM.png

Greg was also in the midst of starting his career in Hollywood at Covert Media, where he coordinated content for more than a dozen international marketing campaigns for wide-release features (FuryElysium, That Awkward MomentFading Gigolo + more) and created original content for sales and development efforts. The total box office haul for these films stands at over $600M.

Continuing to produce crowdfunding content in his spare time, Greg transitioned from traditional Hollywood to working full-time on crowdfunding campaigns as a Project Director, and later Vice President, at the agency level. Overseeing a slate of nearly 60 Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns over nearly 2 years, Greg saw the potential for a video and photo agency specializing in crowdfunding and, in the Spring of 2016, he opened Early Bird Studios - the first crowdfunding studio in history.

Since then, the Early Bird Studios family has grown to a ten member team with a sizable portfolio of crowdfunding (and non-crowdfunding clientele) that's resulted in over $50M in ecommerce/retail sales - and $7M in crowdfunding presales - while garnering tens of millions of views.

As a growing business, we look back fondly on our roots as a constant reminder of why we make videos: to always give value to our customers, to bring authenticity to a (sometimes) wild-west industry, and to affect a positive change in the world through storytelling.

Since then, our videos and photos have helped entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses successfully raise tens of millions of dollars while engaging and converting tens of millions of viewers into hundreds of thousands of lifelong customers and brand ambassadors