TrackR - Introducing item-finding to the world with TrackR bravo


WHO: TrackR bravo  WHAT: (1) 2 Minute Pitch Video  WHERE: Indiegogo  WHEN: 2014  HOW MUCH: < $10,000



Produce an Indiegogo pitch video to support $500K+ in pre-sales


Educate consumers on a completely new technology that adds value by helping users locate lost and misplaced items. 


The market didn't exist. In 2014, bluetooth and wifi item tracking devices weren't common in the home. That changed when TrackR asked to collaborate on our first Indiegogo video for the launch of TrackR bravo. The challenge was unique in that the bravo was truly a market creator: Tile, Chipolo, and other low-cost copycats hadn't yet emerged. And risk was ever-present. TrackR would bring bravo to the crowdfunding masses for pre-order and we, in turn, wanted to minimize their risk by approaching the bravo content with authenticity, transparency, and a warm non-flashy brand tone.



TrackR bravo is peace of mind built upon trust. The trust that bravo's technology will do its job for you when and where you need it.

The consumer has to trust that bravo will help find the items that symbolize their lives' access points: keys for your home, wallet for business, and any other valuable you may need in a rush.

Educating backers was paramount to establishing the new market. But our pitch video had to earn their trust by balancing the presentation of information that's crucial to our early-adopter audience with creating engaging and dynamic content. We achieved this by introducing our team immediately - a B2C greeting in branded form. From there, we illustrated common-denominator use-cases with a relatable cast: no super-models in mansions in an elaborate plot. To elevate the consumer's video experience, we deployed clean and seamless production elements to reinforce the effortless integration of TrackR bravo into its users' lives and, in the process, we became one of the first producers to license non-stock, higher-cost, professional music in the crowdfunding industry.



The video went live on Indiegogo in June of 2014 and, over the course of 30+ days, helped raise $1,739,149 for TrackR bravo's successful launch. Featured on major sites Digital Trends, Futurism, Gizmag, and more - the team at TrackR would go on to use this video (and many of our revised edits) for 3+ years as the incredible bravo product line found its way onto store shelves at Best Buy and Target and listings on Amazon and Alibaba.

With trust established, TrackR would go on to utilize our media services through their 2017 $50M Series B funding led by the Foundry Group, Amazon Alexa Fund, and Revolution Growth. 



#87 All-Time Indiegogo (as of 2018)

#16 All-Time Travel & Outdoors Category (as of 2018)

Production Budget: Under $10K

Crowdfunding Goal: $27,500

Crowdfunding Raised: $1,739,149

Production Budget-to-Raise ROI: 174X or 17,391%

Total Views (4 Versions): 10,382,349

Production Budget Dollars Per View: $0.0009